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The current version of WIN/Staff allows you to fill out health plan application forms from the data that is already in the database. However, you need to "recreate" the form in Microsoft Word by duplicating the formís boxes, lines, and layout. With WIN/Staff-FORMS, you can now scan in an existing form and populate the fields directly from the WIN/Staff physician database.

Electronic forms by WIN/Staff-FORMS have a lot of advantages over paper forms. And they're so easy to create! Just scan in a paper form, and seconds later there's the form on your computer screen, ready to be filled out (typed in or imported from another database), edited, stored, printed, e-mailed - whatever you want to do with it! Or, design a whole new form! WIN/Staff-FORMS is a low-cost, complete forms solution you can use immediately.

  • Form Assistant guides you through the steps: The Form Assistant wizard leads you through scanning an existing paper form into WIN/Staff-FORMS or creating a new form from scratch. Generating forms has never been easier.
  • Instantly generate fillable, editable forms: WIN/Staff-FORMS's Logical Forms Recognition (LFR) technology produces accurate electronic duplicates of your original paper form with every scan. And they're ready to fill out immediately because WIN/Staff-FORMS automatically turns lines, boxes and other form elements into fillable fields.
  • Print, fax, e-mail, and route forms easily: Distribute forms any way you want-print them, have others access them from a network, send them via e-mail, or route them using Microsoft Exchange routing slips.
  • Open, edit, and fill forms in Microsoft Word: WIN/Staff-FORMS lets you save forms in Microsoft Word so others can fill, print, and use forms in Word.
  • Scanning Forms Scan Form dialog box allows you to set up the source, orientation, and settings of the forms you want to convert. Additional options let you adjust currency, date, and time formats for international languages.
  • Password protection: Password protection allows you to lock your form design, protecting it from unauthorized modification. Also, protecting your information allows others to view records in the database but restricts their ability to change records.
  • Shrink Page to Fit: Large formatted forms can be scaled down to fit your printer's printable area.
  • Network sharing: Multiple users of WIN/Staff-FORMS Filler 3.0 can now fill in forms over a network and capture the information in a centralized database. Sharing forms and form data has never been easier

How it Works:

WIN/Staff-FORMS is a combination product based on Omniform from Caere Corp, an international leader in document management software.

  1. Scan in the health plan application. Scan in all pages of the application. The system will then identify "data fields".
  2. Define the data fields. After the form software has identified all potential data fields, you need to give the corresponding WIN/Staff data field name to each field. You need to do this once for each different form. On the average, for a five-page form, it will take you about two hours to completely define a form. Once a form is defined, you can use it as many times as you need. This process is not unlike your current method of defining data fields in a Microsoft Word forms document. The big time savings is not needing to recreate the lines, boxes, and other non-data images of the form.
  3. Data transfer from WIN/Staff. WIN/Staff includes a built in Data Export feature that allows you to choose the appropriate data to export into the form. After the data is exported to a transfer file, the electronic form is populated with the data from that file. At this point, you can print, FAX or, e-mail the completed form.

NOTE: Because of the infinite number of health plan applications and variety of information requested, there is no way this or any product can fill out 100% of every form. However, we find that for most health plan applications, at least 90% can be completed by the system and the remaining can be filled out on the screen. There is no need to hand write or type the forms on a typewriter.

System Requirements and Supported Scanners

System requirements:

Windows 95

Windows NT

486 PCs and above

486 PCs and above

8 MB minimum RAM (16 MB recommended

16 MB minimum RAM (32 MB recommended)

33 MB free disk space to install

33 MB free disk space to install

CD-ROM drive

CD-ROM drive

SVGA or VGA monitor

SVGA or VGA monitor

Supported scanners:

Supported scanners are those which conform to TWAIN or ISIS compatibility.

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