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Finally, there is Provider Credentialing software structured for easy data input, retrieval, and reporting. Forget menu-driven, character-based systems using outdated software technology. WIN/Staff provides the most intuitive graphically-oriented Windows-based Credentialing software available today.

Major features of the system include:

  • Easy-to-Use Windows-based Software which minimizes the learning curve for your credentialing staff and allows anyone familiar with the Windows interface to quickly access data.
  • Intuitive Medical Group/Provider Data Structure which provides a current status of provider and affiliated Medical Group.
  • Comprehensive Provider Demographic Information to store and instantly retrieve demographic, licensing, and insurance information. With the power of Windows, WIN/Staff can even store and display scanned photographs of providers with the optional IMAGE/Staff option.
  • Extensive Office/Facility Information and Statistics Information allows you to store and track office hours, multiple languages, type and number of paraprofessionals, satellite offices, patient insurance mix, area of town location, and many other fields. All these fields are readily included on database searches and reports.
  • Powerful Report Generator included: allows you to easily custom design your own reports in addition to the reports we provide. Every data field is accessible by you to define special filters, reports, and letters. Software allows you to customize Lists for data entry and will validate accuracy of data before allowing user to continue. Every printed field can be customized with different fonts, bold, italics, and pitch to make your reports look professionally customized.
  • Seamless Integration With Popular Word Processing Programs means you and your staff don't have to relearn another word processing or use a proprietary word processor that does not have the features you need and use. Every single data field can be seamlessly integrated to Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Wordpad. Click here for sample of this feature.
  • Electronic Interface to National Practitioners Data Bank software QPRAC. WIN/Staff will automatically interface to QPRAC so you can query the NPDB at the lowest cost schedule possible. This will save thousands of dollars if you have a large provider network.
  • Comprehensive Computer Library of U.S. Medical Schools, State Medical/Dental Boards, and Professional Liability Insurance Carriers. This provides a valuable resource to your credentialing staff as well as automatic access for each provider's information.
  • Unlimited Number of Verification Events Stored and Tracked by WIN/Staff. Every Primary source verification event is tracked by date sensitivity as well as documenting any unusual findings during the verification process. There is even a Warning Flag to identify unusual finding.
  • Automatic Generation of Letters or Reports Based on any Criteria such as Medical License and DEA Expiration Dates. You can generate your own custom Recredentialing Forms to be sent or directly FAXED to your provider network. You can create Health Plan Provider Application Forms in the format they require and complete 100 applications as easily as one.
  • IMAGE/Staff Integrated Document Imaging is now available as an optional feature to WIN/Staff . This feature allows you to scan and store all documentation related to a provider in the computer. Documents such as copies of DEA Certificate, Medical License, Malpractice Insurance Policy, Prior Litigation Cases, Board Certificates, CV, and any other documents that pertain to this provider are stored in an electronic file folder that can be quickly access, printed, faxed, or merged with other Windows applications without ever needing to manually pull the file from the file cabinet. Just think of the time savings when completing Health Plan applications.
  • WIN/Staff Forms allows you to fill out health plan application forms from the data that is already in the database. Electronic forms by WIN/Staff-FORMS have a lot of advantages over paper forms. And they're so easy to create! Just scan in a paper form, and seconds later there's the form on your computer screen, ready to be filled out (typed in or imported from another database), edited, stored, printed, e-mailed - whatever you want to do with it! Or, design a whole new form!
Click on the links below for additional information and samples of the Enterprise Solution.
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+ Individual Provider Information + Standard System and Reports
+ IMAGE/Staff (Integrated Document Imaging) + Pricing and System Requirements
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