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Information pertaining to the Provider's group and facility are different than that of the individual provider. Some items we capture and store for instant retrieval include:

  • Group Name or DBA
  • Specialized Rooms or equipment
  • Address including County and Area of Town
  • Special in-office services such as lab, radiology, minor surgeries, EKG, etc.
  • Office Manager Name
  • Office Hours and Phone numbers
  • Tax ID Number
  • Languages Spoken by the Staff
  • Number of paraprofessionals (nurse practitioners, MAs, PTs,PAs, social workers)
  • Miscellaneous Notepad for Office and Language
  • Name of Providers in the Group (same as Provider if Solo Practitioner)
  • Disabled accommodations in accordance with American Disability Act
  • Satellite Office Addresses, Hours, and Phone numbers
  • CLIA Certification
  • many more fields!!

Every field can be included in search filters, reports, letters, mail merge, and screen displays for quickly identifying a specific type of provider or office.

For example, if a patient needs to see a provider whose staff can speak Spanish that is located in the North Coast area of town and is open after 5pm, a filter can be quickly generated on-line and those offices matching those parameters will be displayed on screen without the need to create a report. This provides quality member services and projects a professional and organized image.

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