Credentialing. Just the mere word induces stress and frustration.

  • Filling out 15-20 page applications of duplicate information
  • Making duplicate copies of documents
  • Tedious and time-consuming work.
  • Do this 20-30 times a year

The average medical office spends over $500 a year per practitioner in valuable administrative time to complete credentialing application forms for healthcare organizations (hospitals, health plans, etc.). With the WIN/Staff PRO-FILE service, you can have this arduous chore done for you for a whole year for about the cost of a month's worth of coffee!

WIN/Staff has partnered with the San Diego County Medical Society and the California Health Alliance to bring you a real solution to your credentialing headaches: WIN/Staff PRO-FILE.

  • Centralized database where you update and maintain your credentials once
  • Applications are sent to healthcare organizations electronically
  • If a form is needed, PRO-FILE prints it pre-populated, in your office.


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