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Electronic Credentialing Application

WIN/Staff PRO-FILE is a web-based application system enabling practitioners and healthcare organizations (HCOs) to reference a single common credentialing application database. Practitioners update required information and HCOs access application information via secured web access. Our unique, proprietary security technology places information control in the hands of the practitioner. HCOs control the receipt of applications, replacing the current practice dependent on mail delivery following the completion of paper forms by busy practitioner staffs.

While some companies offer online application products, they still rely on paper forms for practitioners to review, sign, and send via mail to healthcare organizations. WIN/Staff PRO-FILE provides a complete end-to-end electronic solution by delivering practitioner applications, signatures, attestations, and copies of credentials electronically to healthcare organizations. The information may then be electronically imported to a healthcare organization's credentialing software, using WIN/Staff ENTERPRISE, or another product. Both practitioners and healthcare organizations benefit with significant time and cost savings.

Practitioner Benefits

  • Single location for storage and maintenance of credentialing information
  • Automatic notification of credential renewals, ensuring up-to-date information
  • Elimination of valuable time used processing repetitive paperwork
  • More staff time for patient care and office management needed previously for credential application processing
  • Savings in time, money and headaches

Healthcare Organization Benefits

  • Electronic resource for credentialing application information retrieval, resulting in faster turnaround for credentialing process
  • Eliminates paper, postage and labor costs expended on paper applications, saving time, money and resources
  • Practitioner information is routinely updated and attested by practitioners, ensuring information is accurate and current
  • Electronic interface with WIN/Staff ENTERPRISE or other credentialing software eliminating data entry costs
  • Automatic alert notification of pending credential expiration, highlighting practitioners to contact

Credentialing Software for Healthcare Organizations

WIN/Staff ENTERPRISE has been implemented by hospitals, health insurance companies, HMOs, Medical Groups, CVOs, IPAs and practice management companies since 1995. This software automates the credentialing activities of institutions and practitioner organizations. Features include:

  • Word processing integration with Microsoft Word to generate primary source verification letters and practitioner letters
  • Comprehensive database of practitioner credentialing and practice information
  • Standard and custom reports for staff rosters, practitioner profiles, verification activities and any other necessary credentialing reports
  • Online alerts of pending expiration dates
  • Integrated fax and e-mail functions to automate communications with practitioners and primary sources
  • Delineation of privileges
  • CME and Meeting Attendance Tracking
  • Integrated document imaging for paperless storage of all practitioner paperwork
  • Integrated FORMS software to automatically complete health plan and hospital credentialing application forms

There are many more features to simplify the credentialing process and help manage provider and medical staff networks.

Credentialing Software Accessed from WIN/Staff Computers

WIN/Staff ASP is a full-featured software service encompassing all the features of our ENTERPRISE product, though is accessed via WIN/Staff computers instead of using an onsite installation. WIN/Staff ASP provides a premiere credentialing solution at a monthly fee instead of large up-front software licensing fees. It includes 24/7 access to practitioner data, credentialing software tools, regularly updated features, and full nightly data backup. This provides you with the peace of mind that credentialing data is always available and you're using the latest in software technology. State-of-the-art security and data management ensures the confidentiality and reliability of practitioner information.

  • Full-featured software for a fraction of normal licensing fees
  • Single monthly fee includes 24/7 access to software, practitioner data and backups
  • Only computer requirement is Microsoft Internet Explorer and Internet access
  • Integrated electronic credentialing applications saving time and money

Implement the future of credentialing applications today and immediately receive the benefits of electronic credentialing.

Professional Services Group

In addition to our software products, our IT consulting services are designed to assist and to add the flexibility of customized, integrated solutions for our clients. Our services include:

  • Application development
  • Custom/White labeling solutions
  • Website hosting
  • Website development
  • E-Commerce project scoping, development, and management
  • Redundant backup systems
  • Security plan, design, and implementation Intranet / Internet Networking Integration



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