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Once you are a WIN/Staff Client, you can search the PRO-FILE database for your practitioner to retrieve his or her application.


You also have a choice of several reports. Just Select the one you want.


You can retrieve detailed information for all of your authorized practitioners. This information can be received electronically or can be printed out in a variety of formats.

PRO-FILE also automatically sends an alert, through email, notifying you of pending expiring documents of every practitioner in your network or medical staff that subscribes to WIN/Staff PRO-FILE service.

You will also receive an email alert when your practitioner has updated his/her information.

Simply click on the link in the email, and you will be taken directly to the practitioner’s application file. You can then retrieve the information directly to your computer.

Below is a sample of the electronic application. This can be printed or permanently saved to disk for easy retrieval. Additionally, the data can be merged into your credentialing software database which eliminates the need for data entry. If you don't see your specific application, email us a copy, and we will add it to our list of applications that we offer.



We also have a document imaging system to store all license and certification documents for each of your practitioners.

If you need any assistance with your account, WIN/Staff has their GSN department ready help you with any questions you may have.


  • Whenever it is time to credential or recredential a practitioner, you log on to our secured data server through the Internet and search for the practitioner.
  • Once the practitioner is located, PRO-FILE will display the status of the practitioner information as either Active (Complete) or Inactive (Incomplete).
  • If Active, just click on the ‘Retrieve’ button and the server will then process the request by gathering all the credentialing information as well as copies of documentation for this practitioner.
  • You will then be notified by email within a few minutes that the information is ready to be retrieved.
  • Once you have retrieved the information on your computer, you can print the information for your use. Better yet, you can electronically update your database and store the documents in your computer, thus completing the entire process without the need for paper.
  • We work with the practitioners to ensure their PRO-FILE application information is accurate and current.
  • Practitioners are required to update and attest their application quarterly so you are assured of receiving information that is never less than 90 days old. This ensures you have plenty of time to comply with the 180 day rule.
  • We will send alerts to both you and the practitioners notifying them of pending expiring credentials. When a practitioner updates the PRO-FILE application, you are notified of the update automatically.
  • Practitioners digitally sign and attest their PRO-FILE application using the latest in security technology.
  • We become your single source of credentialing application information that is updated, accurate, and easy to retrieve.

For additional information or to request a demo, please contact us.

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